What we offer

SevenGames Network (SGN), a subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1, is a leading marketing network offering multi-channel advertising solutions for TV, mobile, and web for our games production and advertising partners. We offer a variety of free-to-play games (F2P) advertising solutions. From premium TV placements, to website display solutions on our high-ranking owned-and-operated sites – we specialize in the contribution of high-quality editorial content capable of quickly and drastically increasing your marketing campaign effectiveness. With an ongoing mission to create, optimize and protect game value for games marketers, we give you outstanding options to choose from to compliment your business goals.

What makes us different

We are the preferred marketing partner for advertisers who want to optimally position their games and broaden their reach through choice performance-based television ad spots and/or web portal advertising. No other firm combines SevenGames Network’s assets, depth of resources, and gaming software expertise or its ability to:

  • Provide preferred market content to end-users, enhance games, nurture your audience, and reengage leads.
  • Increase your range and traffic, bringing in top-quality users to your site and games.
  • Help you gain superior control over your marketing and adapt creative, scalable, proven marketing strategies to best fit your needs.

What you are looking for

  • Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies, Preferred Solutions, Expert Assistance & Support
  • Top-Tier Relationships, Audience-Aligned Television Programming, Favorite Gaming Content & Brands
  • Increased Brand Awareness & Specific Audience Targeting
  • High-Quality Traffic, Benchmark Sales, Effective Spending & Growth

Our portals

  • We serve an average of 3MM Unique Users per month.
  • We maintain an average of 5MM Site Visits per month.
  • SevenGames Network maintains the largest independent gaming portal in Germany.
  • 53% of gamers’ time is spent on mobile devices and online. We offer responsive site content, so no matter what device your users are on, they will receive a customized viewing experience.

Creative Advertising & Ad Space Options

In-Stream Video Ads

In-Page Standards:

Super banner, Full banner, Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle...

In Page Special Ads:

Fireplace Ad, Billboard, Site Bar, Wallpaper...

Top-Quality Content

Our portal ad positioning is not available anywhere else. Our online portals maintain enough dedicated users returning to our quality game content that our portals show up above the publisher in organic searches in many cases.

High-Quality Traffic & Registrations

In addition to high-quality content, we are continuously implementing new and proven traffic drivers, including:

New registrant bonuses

Social media activation

Special teasers through modified registration pages, new graphics, news and more!

Our popular and influential browsers include:

A full network of gaming portals that contain high-quality editorial content and news about games. Each offers a unique user base.


Predominantly male gamers (60%).

Portal users are made up of casual gamers (70%) and core gamers (30%).

Platforms are based in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, UK and the US.



Premium platform for the whole family.

Typical user ages are 30+.

Users are predominantly female, casual gamers.



Includes both browser and client based MMOGs.

Typical user ages are 14-29.

Users are predominantly male, casual gamers.


Our team

Catherine Baumgarthen
Senior Account Manager
Marta Ejsmont
Senior Editor
Oliver Gediehn
Ruben Gonzalez
Publisher Manager
Dennis Hartmann
Head Of Content
Stephan Keller
Senior Editor
Natalia Korinko
Advertiser Manager
Lorenzo Lazzari
Publisher Manager
Ignacio Gutierrez Rodriguez
Senior Business Development Manager
David Sanchez
Business Intelligence Consultant
Iouri Sorokine
Senior Business Development Manager
Maciej Szybowski
Nico Trendelkamp
Roman Wäger
Head of Online & Portal Management
Marcel Wuttig
Meiling You
Director of Business Development

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